Just a short update on what’s going on.  Been at the new job for 3 weeks now.  Seems to be going well other than I come home smelling like an oil refinery almost everyday.  Some days I wonder if I’m progressing there at all.  It’s a lot of information to wrap your head around because there are so many different combinations coming and going.  I’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not it was a good idea to leave my first job out of college.  I had it pretty damn good at that place but it was more stress than I needed.  No amount of money could have changed that.

I’ve grown so much since then.  I’ve made many mistakes, learned many lessons (the hard way usually), and here I am still alive.  Up until I was 23 years old, I could look back at my life and really not say I had any regrets.  Three years in the “real world” and I would do all kinds of things differently in my life if I could them over.

“Education is a process…not a place.”

I am doing better in my prayer life since I went on retreat with my Dad last weekend.  It’s simply amazing to me how calming it is.  I find more and more people around me that think it’s “silly” or useless because they believe there is no God so I’m basically just talking to myself in their eyes.  I would venture to say anyone who believes that has never actually truly prayed before or they did pray but they didn’t get the answer they wanted to so they gave up on it.

I think where a lot of people go wrong with prayer is that they use it in a self-centered focus.  For prayer to work you have to concede control.  The more you can concede, the louder God’s answer becomes.  The answers too may not be what you expect or seem to be rational but you can be sure that they are exactly what you need.  If it sounds like this is easy for me, I assure you it is certainly NOT.  I probably have more trouble with this than anyone else I know.  The point is that I’m trying and that’s all any one person can do.  Just try.  I guarantee you will see a difference.