Logical Revelation

I have been labeled by some as a deep thinker. This title only has meaning because we as humans acknowledge the existence of a law or scale on which thought is measured.  I do not claim to be able to think more deeply than anyone else except that I must, more frequently than others, outwardly express my thought in a fashion which is not easily interpreted.  The more I consider it, the more convinced I am that we do not become wiser with age unless we are able to outwardly verbalize our thoughts, and in order to do that we must be able to first verbalize internally.

I feel fortunate to have been exposed to literature and teaching which has fostered a magnificent and perpetual mental vocabulary. Not inasmuch that it feeds my ego but that it had nurtured my understanding of what my purpose is. A purpose which I fully do not yet understand, nor will I on this field of battle, but of which I have seen glances of throughout my life. These glances encourage me to carry on because the journey is far from over and it is not up to me when it will end.