Time for an update again.  The Protazen regimen continues to work as hoped.  I don’t feel spectacular most days but I do feel pretty good.  Energy levels are good enough that I can work 12 hours a day usually.  I also saw two job offers come along since my last post.  I also let both of them go.  It’s weird to think of how desperate I was to have one in January and then six months later let both of them slip away.  I took my time to discern each of them though.  They both matched my skillset but I was pretty certain that at some point down the road I would be unhappy with my decision to take them.

I found that the thing I desire the most in a job is freedom.  Being in business for one’s self allows you to do that.  Originally I thought the risk was greater venturing out on my own.  I thought I was incapable of it.  When I started to think positively though things changed.  I broke things down into smaller chunks and I tuned my mindset to only the one thing I was faced with at that very moment.  When I do that I find success.  I don’t get off track by overanalyzing the big picture and seeking out potential pitfalls along the way that have the capability to throw me completely off track.

Learning to talk yourself out of overanalysis is difficult and I’m still learning how but it’s a key part of figuring out how to find success in the situation you’re in when you have depression.  It certainly isn’t possible for me to implement this method without Protazen but with it seems I can find my way out of just about anything and do it with a good result.


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