The times they are a changin’

For me there has been significant change this week. I submitted my resignation at work. My boss didn’t seem to be too phased by it as if he expected it to happen which only served to reinforce my decision. It’s truly a shame that companies operate under guise claiming to care about their employees during the hiring process and then proceeding to give zero shits about them once they’re on board.

I hope that the next move I make will be a lasting one. I really don’t want to jump from job to job but what else could a person expect when they are left on an island to handle a workload better suited for 2 or more people? If you add in the fact that the work you did will be scrutinized by people on a regular basis with little to no positive feedback, what do you get?
A disgruntled employee, that’s what.

I don’t really know what the long term answer is. All I know is if I’m going to spend 24% of my time on an annual basis I had better find something I like to do.


One thought on “3-6-13

  1. I totally understand what it is like to “left on an island to handle a workload better suited for 2 or more people”. today was a day I wanted to just get up and leave my job. Good for you Kyle on the new job. I am happy there is going to be a good change in your life once again.

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